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With 3 strong founding partners to the next venture

A few days ago Carsten Puschmann founded CPTL Now GmbH together with Dr. Peter Haid, Christian Saxenhammer and Oliver Weimann. Carsten has been intensively involved in the startup financing and scaling segment over the last few years. This is because, compared to the USA or Asia, founders here are not provided with capital in a structured way.

From his own experience, Carsten knows how difficult it is to execute a project. The step from zero to one is the point where many ideas fail. There are more ideas than people. Carsten has also observed that many technology founders develop in Europe and start the company funding in the USA or Asia. His vision was then to build a relevant supra-regional matchmaker with the perspective of structuring a seed fund.

Together with Dr. Peter Haid, Carsten then conducted numerous discussions, as Peter has the networks from his positions as a bank board member to invest family-based capital in tech topics.
"High net worth individuals are usually strong in the asset classes capital markets and real estate- private equity with their focus. Startups are unfortunately still a discipline in DACH that is developing too slowly," Peter said in conversation with Carsten.

Carsten then found someone to round out the portfolio with Christian Saxenhammer, an experienced investment banker with track record "M&A Tech". Oliver Weimann was finally added to the founding team, as Oliver brings excellent experience in the development and identification of startups. "Through his experience as ruhrHUB CEO, Oliver was just the right person to complete our founding team," says Carsten. This is how CPTL Now GmbH in Frankfurt and Berlin came into being. With exciting families and family offices, CPTL will keep announcing exciting deals in the coming weeks.

Sounds interesting? Have a look & visit www.cptl-now.de.

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